Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Gospel Karaoke Club

This is a very unique way to get all lovers of the LORD and hopefully get new worshipers out of the house on a weekend to have a fun filled evening at a venue where you can openly sing your favorite Christian and Gospel songs in front of those who also have the same religious interest.

I often wondered how it would be? Who would come? And what time frame should be allotted for those who like to go out at night but come in early.   The young and mature can enjoy this type of atmosphere.  Of course it would be set up like a venue type place that of course serves non alcoholic beverages. A nice eating and social area would be there also because," people love to talk and eat."  

The stage would be large enough to make you feel like you are in your own concert, with lights and the whole works. But it will be Karaoke. A complete list of gospel songs old and new. I feel this could be something wonderful.

How about having a guest Pastor  come by to give a good word before the end of the night. People would feel good when they leave an atmosphere like this and definitely would love to come back for more.

Can we have this on our Church grounds? Sure!

I would love to know that church's set up their own gospel karaoke nights. Bible study would be a hit while everyone stands up and sing that great gospel song  for encouragement and peace among those receiving the word of GOD. Not to mention this would also give those who are seeking a career in gospel singing to showcase their talent.

***This blog is my way of hopefully spreading the word as the LORD say," Tell everyone about him." Help save humanity. It takes  only one human to do that.  I would really like to open up a spot where people of all races of humanity can come and enjoy the word of THE LORD.
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